Rich Wright Jewelry, Talisman for the Soul. Inspired from above and infused with the energy that flows through his hands to create it.


Artist and Designer Rich Wright has created each piece of jewelry with a piece of his soul infused into it.  Getting to this place of healing in his career after a hospitalization in the mid '90s following a suicide attempt has been long but hard fought journey and has gone through many transformations. Now in this process being more aware and tapped in to source energy allows him to channel immense inspiration into each piece. Truly creating on an alchemical level.  Every design is created from inception by my hand through illustration to finished metal.  All pieces are created from .925 Sterling Silver, 22kt Gold, Platinum and Palladium. Gemstones can be added upon request. 
He was given the gift of creativity! He has been creating since he could hold a crayon.  A Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Jewelry Designer and Inspirational Artist living and creating with Bi Polar II.
His creative talents allow him to handle most of the creative branding and imagery to market himself in all of his creative endeavors.  The component that I hope is  inspiring of my story is that he doesn't allow that label to define or keep him from creating. The lowest of lows still have glimmers of creative light that break through and cause me to keep moving forward. That little light seems to never go out. This allows him to encourage other artists who may deal with the roller coaster ride of depression, anxiety, mania or managing other blocks that come about as an artist.